Confidantâ„¢ Helps You Focus on Your Clients and Patients and Spend Less Time Managing Your Practice!


Designed for solo practitioners and small practices, Confidantâ„¢ offers you exactly what you need to successfully run your practice -- no more, no less. And Confidant is so intuitive that our customers are usually up and running minutes after they download Confidant, and within a few hours are seasoned users -- and you can be too!


Confidant Practice Management Software allows therapists, psychologists and social workers to focus on their clients -- and spend less time running their offices.



  • Client Intake
  • Scheduling
  • Session Notes
  • Billing
  • Electronic Billling (coming soon)
  • DSM-IV -- Multiaxial (DSM-5 coming soon)
  • CPT® Codes -- updated for 2013
  • CMS-1500 Forms
  • Customized Invoices
  • Personalized Appt Reminders
  • Psychosocial History
  • Treatment/Discharge Plan
  • Med Tracking
  • Accept Credit Card Payments (PayPal® Account Required)
  • And more . . .



Why don't you try Confidant today by downloading our free demo version?! No credit card or commitment is required -- just a desire to find a workable and intuitive mental health practice management solution.

Get Confidant for only $349!


Confidant's price is the lowest in the mental health practice management marketplace. And, like our product itself, our pricing is simple and straightforward:

Pay just $349, and you will receive a downloadable link to Confidant 2.2 which can be downloaded by a single user -- on as many 5 different computers. And there are no other costs. Even customer support is included free for the first year for all users.

And unlike other mental health practice management programs, we do not add hefty fees for customer support, fixes or upgrades. While customer support coverage is in effect, our customers receive all of our program "fixes" and updates -- and even new versions of Confidant -- at no additional charge! After your free year of support comes to an end, you have the option to purchase additional years of support for $89 per year.

E-mails are sent out to all customers under coverage whenever a program fix or update is implemented or a new version is released, allowing you to "click-and-download" the fix, update or new version directly from the internet while leaving all of your data intact and unchanged.

Confidant is the straightforward, intuitive, low-cost solution!



Without a workable practice management solution, headaches and worries are unavoidable; and, instead of focusing on what you do best as a professional, you end up spending an inordinate amount of time on practice administration.

And in these trying economic times, it's more important than ever to run your practice like a business -- and Confidant can help you do just that.


Download our free Demo Version Today!

Confidant proudly accepts PayPal

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Perfect For:

Addiction Counselors (CAC)

Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADC/CADC/LCADC)

Art Therapists (LPAT)

Christian Counselors (LPC/LCCC)

Counselors (LPC/LCPC)

Creative Arts Therapists (CAT)

Educational/School Psychologists

Learning Specialists

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT/LMFT/MFC/LMFC)

Mental Health Counselors (MHC/LMHC)


Pastoral Counselors

Physical Therapists (PT)

Psychiatric Social Workers (PSW)

Psychiatrists (MD)


Psychoeducational Diagnosticians

Psychologists (Psy.D/Ph.D./LP/MA)


Social Workers (MSW/LMSW/LCSW)

Substance Abuse Counselors (SAC)