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Our  Demo version provides virtually allof the features of our full version. We encourage you to try it today, and see how Confidant 3.0's patent pending software can get rid of your practice management headaches!

No credit card or commitment is required -- just a desire to find a workable and intuitive mental health practice management solution.

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Everything you need in one easy-to-navigate package

Confidant 3.0 provides all of the tools you'll need for the complete client "treatment cycle," from intake through billing, and everything in between:

Confidant 3.0 has all the featurres you need to manage your mental health practice!


 Simple to Buy

  • Only $449  
  • Option to pay over  6 months, @$75/mo 
  • Either way, you'll immediately receive Confidant by e-mail 
  • Customer support is included free for 1st year (gives you all updates and revisions);  only $149/yr thereafter 


    Simple to Learn

  • So intutive that many of our customers are up & running in minutes  
  • User-centered design, mimics the way you enter and retrieve "old fashioned" paper files  
  • Help is only a click away

Simple to Use

  • Everything you need to conduct your sessions and manage your mental health practice  
  • Organized into one easy-to navigate package 
  • Expanded user support (by e-mail, web chat, or phone support request) 

No More Code Confusion

With all the changes taking place, you'll be glad to know that Confidant has you covered. All Confidant users receive updates by E-mail whenever new diagnostic codes, billing codes, or CMS forms are released.

Just click on the link we send you and your program will automatically load the newest updates, while leaving all of your client data safe and intact.


Perfect for: 

Addiction Counselors (CAC)     Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADC/CADC/LCADC) Art Therapists (LPAT)  
Christian Counselors (LPC/LCCC)   Counselors (LPC/LCPC) Creative Arts Therapists (CAT) 
Educational Psychologists  

Family Therapists

Marriage Therapists (MFT/LMFT/MFC/LMFC)
Mental Health Counselors  (MHC/LMHC)    


Pastoral Counselors

Play Therapists   Psychiatric Social Workers (PSW)  Psychiatrists (MD)


  Psychoeducational Diagnosticians 

School Psychologists

Psychologists (Psy.D/Ph.D./LP/MA)   Psychotherapists Social Workers (MSW/LMSW/LCSW)
Substance Abuse Counselors (SAC)    Therapists  

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Without a workable practice management solution, headaches and worries are unavoidable; and, instead of focusing on what you do best as a professional, you end up spending an inordinate amount of time on practice administration.

And in these trying economic times, it's more important than ever to run your practice like a business --and Confidant 3.0 can help you do just that.